Magnolia Casual

where we appreciate the art of relaxation


Hammocks are 100% polyester but they feel like natural cotton.  They are mildew and fade resistant.  Hammocks can be easily mounted to a tree, post, & fit standard hammock stands.  Our pillows and hammocks are made to coordinate with one another

Swing sets includes swing, bottom pillow, back pillow, and tote.  
Swing sets are 100% polyester but feel like natural cotton. They can be used indoors or outdoors and are mildew and fade resistant. Swings can be mounted to a tree or a sturdy beam in a ceiling or porch.

We have over 100 pillows available for purchase on our site.  Pillows are 100% polyester but feel like natural cotton and are machine washable. Our pillows can be used indoors or outdoors and are mildew/fade resistant and machine washable.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us.  Magnolia Casual is based on the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast where we appreciate the art of relaxation.  We offer pillows, swings, hammocks, and other items and we hope you enjoy our fun fabrics and fabulous products!

Our fabrics are 100% polyester but feel like natural cotton.  Fabrics can be used outdoors or indoors.  Our products are made in Central America by artisans that keep their culture alive, applying traditional processes to produce their goods.  We work with our Central American friends to generate jobs & sustainability to rural areas while practicing fair trade methods and providing economic support to communities.  When you purchase a hammock you are purchasing a little piece of the culture and heart of the people.

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